12 Girls 1.5

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Checkpoint Jog (No Measure) Jog 400m…. Every 100m, the group will stop and perform a different exercise… on the way out AND on the way back. Coach will designate the exercises or ask different athletes to pick. The Coach will then designate a leader for the group. The leader will…


12 Girls 1.4

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Class today will be run in two 25 min segments: Group 1 will begin on the warm-up, row, and shoulder smash while Group 2 will begin on the mobility video. Then the two groups will switch! Enjoy this TREAT for your SORE muscles! More girl WODs are coming on Friday and…


12 Girls 1.3

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Barbell Warm-Up: Snatch (No Measure) Today we are going to work on creating MUSCLE MEMORY for the snatch during warm-up. Use an empty bar or PVC 3 Rounds: Jump Rope for 1 min. 5 Scarecrows (ELBOWS ABOVE THE BAR) 5 Muscle Snatch 5 Hang Sntaches Pre-WOD Stretching 30 Sec Each:…


12 Girls 1.2

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Warm-Up-Sprint (No Measure) Jog 400m Then… 2 lengths Each High Knees Butt Kicks High Knee Skips Kareokee Frankensteins Over Unders Tire Run (imagine you are running through tires in football practice) Prison Walks Dyno Walks Then…. 20 Arm Circles Forward 20 Arm Circles Backward 20 Arm Swings Up and Down…


12 Girls 1.1

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Welcome to the 12 Girls of Christmas Challenge! As a gym, we will be completing 12 Benchmark “Girl” WODs over a 16 day span (Nov. 30th-Dec 15th). Wods will be held at ALL NORMAL CLASS TIMES and random raffles will be taking place at different classes each day for different items…


Thanksgiving Weekend

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Outdoor Relay (No Measure) Do outdoors on the road or the grass! Coach will line members up in even lines of 3-6 people. The coach will set a specific distance for members to travel. Then the coach will name exercises for members to do including but not limited to High…



CrossFit 007 – Crossfit Kids

(No Measure)

Air Squat tag

Pre-WOD Stretching

Leader chosen for stretches


For time:

Metcon (Time)

50 Sit-ups

40 Wallballs

30 Box Jumps

20 Burpees

10 Bear Crawls

Cool Down



Couch Stretch

Childs Pose

Happy Baby