Open Prep Cycle 6.5

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit This WOD is in honor of 007 member, Jamie Ingram. Jamie is truly an athlete that keeps 007’s heart beating. She is CONSISTENTLY at the gym an average of 5 days a week and she is always a pleasure to have in class. In the time that I have had the…


Open Prep Cycle 6.4

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Barbell Warm-Up: Snatch (No Measure) Today we are going to work on creating MUSCLE MEMORY for the snatch during warm-up. Use an empty bar or PVC 3 Rounds: Jump Rope for 1 min. 5 Scarecrows (ELBOWS ABOVE THE BAR) 5 Muscle Snatch 5 Hang Sntaches Pre-WOD Stretching 30 sec each:…



CrossFit 007 – Crossfit Kids Warm-up 2 length each: High knee skips Frog hops Bear crawl Dino walk Duck walk Pre-WOD Stretching Arm circles Arm swings Down ups Spider crawl elbow drop Metcon Metcon (Time) 4 rounds: 20 Wallballs 16 Lunges 10 Pushups Cool Down Hero Pose Sit and reach Seated straddle Tricep stretch Across…


Open Prep Cycle 6.3

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Gymnastics Warm Up 1 (No Measure) 2 lengths high knees 2 lengths butt kicks 2 lengths high knee skips 2 lengths kareoke 20 Hollow Body Rocks 10 Supermans 5 Wide Leg Inch Worms Pre-WOD Stretching 30 sec. each: Arm Circles Cup of Waters WTFs Goal Posts Spider Crawl Elbow Drop…


Open Prep Cycle 6.2

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Before the WOD today, we are going to take just a couple minutes to look at this article about 3 school teachers who weren’t quite sure the Open was for them….. Warm-up 3 Rounds of: 20 Jumping Jacks 10 Push-Ups 10 Kips Pre-WOD Stretching In a Circle/Follow the Leader: Wrist…



CrossFit 007 – Endurance Warm-up 800 meter row then… Pose drills Metcon Metcon (Time) 3 Rounds: w/ KB 53/35 11 Goblet Squats 11 SDLHP 11 KB swings 200 m row FAST Mileage 2 Mile run (Time) Run 3200 meters Cool Down 5 min. row then… Yoga cool down 1 (No Measure) Down dog Up dog…


Open Prep Cycle 6.1

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up All Around Warm Up 009 (No Measure) 3 Rounds: 5 Strict Press 10 Air Squats 5 Good Mornings *With an Empty Barbell *Do 2 lengths Dynamic Movement of Choice in between rounds: High Knees Butt Kicks Skips Kareokee Side Shuffle Wide Legged Tire Run Gorilla Shuffles Pre-WOD Stretching 30 sec.…


Happy Birthday Xtina!

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Primer 3 rounds FAST: 8 Pushups 9 Situps 10 Squat jumps Pre-WOD Stretching 1) Shoulder openers 2) Hip openers Metcon -Final score for this WOD will be the time it takes to complete the buy out minus the reps completed in part one. -This will be entered in the score…



CrossFit 007 – Crossfit Kids


Wall ball toss

Pre-WOD Stretching

Couch stretch

Tricep stretch

Standing straddle

Trunk twist


Metcon (Time)


Reps of:

Shuttle runs



Cool Down

Yoga cool down 1 (No Measure)

Down dog

Up dog

Childs Pose

Thread the needle

Hero Pose

Open Prep Cycle 5.5

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Today’s WOD is in honor of our Athlete of the Month, Al Bain. Al has been a member of 007 almost since the gym’s inception. He is dedicated, consistent, and committed to his goals. Al works full time, is a dedicated husband and a father of two boys, yet still makes…