Foundations Day #3

CrossFit 007 – Foundations Warm-up Rowing Technique: 20 Pulls- legs only 20 Pulls- legs and hips 20 Pulls- legs, hips, arms 200m smooth it out Skill Deadlift Sumo Deadlift High Pull Clean KB Swing Demo: Snatch Metcon Foundations WOD #3 (Time) Buy In: 500m Row then… 3 rounds of: 12 KB Swings 9 Deadlifts 6…


Foundations Day #2

CrossFit 007 – Foundations Warm-up Jog 400m 20 Arm Swings 20 Arm Circles 10 Cup of Waters 10 WTFs Skill Press Push Press Push Jerk Split Jerk (demo) Thruster Wall Ball Pull-Ups and Modifications Metcon Foundations 2 (12 Rounds for reps) EMOM for 12 min: 1. 3 Press, 3 Push Press, 3 Jerk 2. 8…


Skills and Thrills 4.3

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Clean Warm Up 1 (No Measure) All Done with Empty Bar 5 shuttle runs 5 Down Ups 4 shuttle runs 5 Down Up Elbows High (clean) 3 shuttle runs 7 Down Up, Elbows High, FINISH! 2 shuttle runs 7 Front squats 1 shuttle run 5 High Hang Squat Cleans Coach…


Skills and Thrills 4.2

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Jumpin Jelly Beans (No Measure) 10 Jumping Jacks 2 Lengths Broad Jumps 10 Jumping Jacks 2 Lengths High Knee Skips 10 Jumping Jacks 1 Length Hop Right 1 Length Hop Left 2 Lengths MOVING jumping jacks 1 length frog hops 1 length walk Pre-WOD Stretching Leg Swings Knee Grab to…


Foundations Day #1

CrossFit 007 – Foundations Warm-up 3 Rounds: Jump Rope for 1 min. 10 Bent Over Body Twists 10 Pass Throughs 1 min each side: Perfect Stretch Skill Air Squat Back Squat Front Squat Overhead Squat Push-Up Sit-Up Wodify/Class Structure/Gym Rules Metcon Foundations WOD #1 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) AMRAP 10 min: 10 Air Squats…


Skills and Thrills 4.1

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Hungry Hippos Warm Up (No Measure) Place medicine balls of varying sizes/weights in the center of the floor. Divide the class into 4 teams (one team on each corner of the turf. On 3-2-1 GO… the first person on each team will do 1 burpee then sprint to the center…



CrossFit 007 – Crossfit Kids


Warm-up (No Measure)

Everybody’s it!

3 Burpees if you get tagged

Pre-WOD Stretching

Athletes will help choose stretches

*30 sec. each (side)*


Metcon (Time)

100 Air squats for time

*Every 10 reps find a new spot and perform 10 Pushups before continuing*

Cool Down

300 m Wog

Skills and Thrills 3.6

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Zip Zap (No Measure) Class forms a large circle around one person who is in the middle. That person in the middle briefly explains the rules but DO NOT SPEND A TON OF TIME EXPLAINING THIS ONE. Let the class figure it out, that is part of the fun! The…


Skills and Thrills 3.5

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Skill Coach’s Choice Kipping/Butterfly Technique Warm-up Coach’s Choice (No Measure) Warm-up is to be determined by your coach! Have Fun!!!! Metcon The Chief (AMRAP – Rounds) Max rounds in 3 minutes of: 3 Power Cleans, 135# 6 Push-ups 9 Squats Rest 1-minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cyclesWomen’s Rx: 95#…


Skills and Thrills 3.4

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Squat Warm Up 1 (No Measure) Perform Each for one Length: Perfect Stretch Over Unders (down and back) Lunge w/Twist Step, Cross, Toe Touch Figure 4s Then… 10 Duck Walks (each side) 10 Boot Strappers 10 Scorpion Kicks (each side) 10 Leg Swings Front to back and side to side…