Open Prep Cycle 2017 6.1

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) 7 min AMRAP: 10 Cal Bike 5 Perfect PVC Thrusters 2 lengths High Knee Skips 5 Med Ball Cleans 20 Jumping Jacks 5 Pike Push Ups BUY OUT: 20 burpees at the end of the 7 min Pre-WOD Stretching Front Squat Stretching (No Measure) 30 sec each:…


Open Prep Cycle 5.6

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Coach will lead stretches as athletes discuss topic of the day 400m Social Jog (No Measure) Choose a partner to run with- try to pick someone in the gym that you have never met or that you don’t normally talk to. Coach will give a question of the day or…


Open Prep Cycle 2017 5.5

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Weightlifting Warm-up Coach’s Choice (No Measure) Warm-up is to be determined by your coach! Have Fun!!!! Deadlift (8 min to find Mod 3 rep) THEN: EMOM for 5 min: 5 reps @70% of established 3 rep Metcon Conditioning Intervals-Descending Rest (12 Rounds for time) 1. Run 4x200m- FAST Rest: 45s 30s…



CrossFit 007 – Gymnastics


Metcon (No Measure)

4 Rounds:

5 Ring pullups @ 2121

5 Inverted Barbell rows @ 3121

ME Ring support hold in bottom of dip

*Rest 30 Sec. b/w movements*

Open Prep Cycle 2017 5.4

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) 6 min AMRAP: 5 Shuttle Runs 8 Goblet Squats 10 KB Swings 12 Hollow Rocks 5 Supermans Pre-WOD Stretching Banded OH Distraction Banded Bully Stretch Weightlifting Shoulder Press (4×6@70-75%) superset Plank (3×1 min Hold (superset with press)) RIGHT after press go into plank. In between each superset…


Open Prep Cycle 5.3

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Mini Partner Warm Up 3 (No Measure) Partner 1- Row or Bike Partner 2: 30 Jumping Bar Taps 5 Broad Jumps: 3 forward 1 back is 1 20 Banded Good Mornings 5 Strict Pull-Up 10 Strict Hollow Body Push-Ups *Partner 2’s exercise is the switcher. Partners switch places after each…


Open Prep Cycle 5.2

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) 7 min AMRAP: 2 Lengths Side Shuffle 2 Lengths Kareokee 5 OHS with Band Overhad 10 Pass Throughs 5 Inch Worms with Up Dog 5 PVC Good Mornings 5 Slow Muscle Snatch Against Rig with PVC Warm-up (No Measure) PVC Snatch “Pull Under Drill” with partner…


Open Prep Cycle 5.1

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Squat Warm Up 3 (No Measure) 6 min AMRAP of: 1 Length Butt Kicks 5 Air Squats 1 Length High Knee Run 3 Around the world lunges-each leg 10 Duck Walks Each Side Warm-up Pre-WOD Stretching 30 sec each: Down and Up Leg Swings Arm Swings Trunk Twists Spider Crawl Elbow…