Powers 11.5

CrossFit 007, CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) Tabata Row: Moderate Pace. Focus on connecting your stroke with your breath. While one group does the Tabata row the other does the DL stretches. Pre-WOD Stretching Deadlift Stretching (No Measure) 10 Banded Good Mornings 10 Side to Side Leg Swings (ea leg) 10 Hydrants…

Powers 11.4

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Med Ball Tic-Tac Toe (No Measure) Coach will make a tic-tac toe board on the floor. Divide the class into two teams placed on opposite sides of the board. Each team has a diff colored med ball. On 3-2-1 GO, the first member of each team must sprint to the…

Powers 10.6

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit If you are doing Summer Splash tomorrow, either REST and do MOBILITY today or use this to loosen up. Do the runs at an easy pace, and cut the KB swings in half, also completing those at an easy pace. Skip the thrusters. Warm-up “Thunderstruck” (No Measure) The class will listen…

Powers 10.5

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Skill Coach’s Choice Double Under Skill Work Warm-up Coach’s Choice (No Measure) Warm-up is to be determined by your coach! Have Fun!!!! Double-Unders (2 attempts at ME set if desired) Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) EMOM for 20 min: ODD: 30s Double Unders for Reps/Practice EVEN: HSPU: Max UB Reps in…

Powers 8.6

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Athlete Directed Warm Up (No Measure) Within Each Class, Each member will pick their favorite warm up exercise. The coach will then create a warm up for each individual class based on athlete suggestions.inlcude stretches here TOO! Metcon Zeus (Time) 3 Rounds for time of: 30 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# 30…

Powers 8.5

CrossFit 007 – CrossFit Warm-up Warm-up (No Measure) Tabata- Warm Up Pace. Alternate Between: Med Ball Cleans Row or Bike Pre-WOD Stretching Pitcher’s Shoulder Warm-Up (No Measure) 2 Rounds: 10 Banded Pull-Aparts 10 Banded Shrugs Each Arm 10 Banded Forearm Wall Slides 10 Banded Goal Posts http://www.stack.com/a/the-ultimate-pitchers-warm-up-4-shoulder-exercises-with-bands Weightlifting Push Jerk (3@75%, 2@85%, 1@90%, 3@80%, 2@90%.…


CrossFit 007 – Crossfit Kids


PVC Clean progression


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Rounds:

2 Min. on/1 Min. off

1) 5 Box dips/20 Jumping jacks

2) 5 Pushups/10 Air squats

3) 5 Ring rows/30 m Shuttle sprint